Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shear Machine Heavy Metal Recycling Equipment
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Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shear Machine Heavy Metal Recycling Equipment

Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shear Machine Heavy Metal Recycling Equipment,This series of models can cut all kinds of scrap metal. After closing the cover and 2 and 3 directions of the pressure measuring head, it is compressed into blocks, which are finally sheared or directly crushed to become qualified scrap.


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Product Description

Buy Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shear Machine Heavy Metal Recycling Equipment which Can be Customized From Our Factory in China

Product Description

Purpose: This series of models can cut all kinds of scrap metal. After the cover is closed and the manometer is extruded in 2 and 3 directions, it is compressed into blocks, which are finally sheared or directly crushed to become qualified scrap steel. .
The shearing machine is mainly used for: compressing and cutting scrap metal, cutting various bars and profiles, and compressing a large amount of scrap metal together into a long block, light-weight scrap steel is packaged into blocks, and scrap cars are extruded into cars Briquetting. In addition to the cutting function, the heavy waste shear has an extrusion function, which can squeeze a number of irregular small steel scraps in the bin for shearing. The squeezed and sheared steel scraps, surface rust and other harmful substances can partly fall off , Improve the purity of scrap steel. It is used to cut heavy waste of various sizes and can completely replace flame cutting. It is safe and efficient with steel grabbing machine or forklift feeding.
Gantry shears, also known as gantry shears, are mainly used to combine all kinds of solid waste iron, heavy waste, light and thin steel, scrap car shells, large light metal structures made of steel, profiles, production and domestic scrap steel, various plastic The compression, packing and cutting of non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, etc.) conform to the applicable specifications of the charge. It is an ideal equipment for steel mills, non-ferrous metal smelting industries, casting industries and raw material manufacturers.


1. The whole machine adopts steel plate combined welding structure, the whole machine has high rigidity, and the welded parts are treated by artificial aging annealing, which eliminates the welding stress, and the accuracy of the machine is good and stable.

2. Blades made of tool steel have long life and durability.

3. The blade gap is adjustable, which improves the working accuracy of the machine tool and the service life of the blade.

4. The main frame of the material box is welded by structural steel, and the inner box wall is made of ultra-high wear-resistant NM500 steel plate, which mentions the wear resistance of the material box. The movement of the pushing head of the material box is driven by an independent hydraulic system through a hydraulic motor and a chain. The movement is smooth and the pushing size is automatically controlled, and it has a highly reliable anti-overload protection feature.

5. Self-designed hydraulic system with independent intellectual property rights. The main shearing cylinder adopts a differential circuit to give full play to the function of the kinetic energy system. The entire hydraulic system is compact and the pipeline layout is reasonable, reducing the use of hydraulic pipe joints and elbows, thereby reducing the heating factor of the hydraulic system, and effectively ensuring the normal and reliable operation of the hydraulic system.

6. The oil tank is designed with reasonable volume and high structural rigidity. There is a partition between the oil return port and the oil suction port, which effectively reduces the heating of the hydraulic oil.

Other features

1. Add a high pressure filter to the hydraulic system. That is, the hydraulic oil needs to pass through a high-pressure filter before entering the pipeline and hydraulic control valve. (The high-pressure filter comes with an alarm) 2. Independent air cooling: The machine adopts a large air volume air cooling machine to control the oil temperature of the hydraulic oil within the normal use range. At the same time, the air-cooled machine page solves the inconvenient problem of the water-cooled machine covering an area to reach the water source. 3. PLC hand-automatic control box. It can be installed and replaced manually and automatically. With remote control operation, it can realize remote start, stop and automatic operation. 4. Pushing chute with gland: It can realize automatic feeding, and the material can be cut along the gland preparation by pushing the main shearing machine. 5. Special universal connection device at the front end of the cylinder rod. Effectively protect the cylinder rod from damage.
Product advantages

1. It adopts the scrap steel shaping and segmented feeding method with upper compression and compression on both sides, and the design of large bins, so it has good applicability to scrap steel materials and high density after shearing. 2. The material box has a large opening area, which is suitable for machining materials, loose heavy waste, light and thin steel scrap, automobile shells, large irregular light steel structural parts, steel pipes, steel plates, channel steels, I-beams, steel bars and other profiles. , Easy to put into the material box, fully enlarged the equipment utilization. 3. The use of PLC automatic control touch screen control panel automatic integrated control, and a multi-angle full-process monitoring system, which is convenient for users to control and track the use of equipment throughout the process. Stable and reliable operation, optional wireless remote control device, single-person operation production line supporting equipment. 4. Adopting reliable large-flow logic valve control, independent filtering and cooling system, can ensure the efficient and stable operation of the system. The comprehensive application of constant power variable and differential fast technology can save about 30% while ensuring output. The energy consumption per ton of scrap steel processing is lower than the standard requirements of the same industry.

technical parameter

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Model Max.cutting force(ton) Press Box Size(MM) Cutting Frequency(times/min) Motor Power(KW)
Q91Y-5000 500 5000*1600*900 3_4 45
Q91Y-6300 630 8000*1800*900 3_4 45
Q91Y-8000 800 8000*2000*900 3_4 45
Q91Y-10000 1000 8000*2000*1000 3_4 45
Q91Y-12500 1250 10000*2000*1000 3_4 45

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