What is baler used for?


What is a scrap baler?
What is a Scrap Metal Baler? Simply put, a scrap metal baler is a machine used to crush and compress a wide range of metallic objects for better handling and storage. Scrap metal baler. The machine cuts across all metals, whether ferrous or non-ferrous materials or even metallic objects as a whole.
What does baling mean in recycling?
Baling is a process that compresses material into a block (bale) which is secured by plastic or wire strapping. The process reduces the volume of the material which: Reduces loose waste on site. Reduces transportation/waste disposal costs.
What is baler used for?

Balers are used for baling recyclable materials like cardboard, paper, plastic, and metal for bulk pickup. These machines compress the recyclables into compact bales, which can be easily stacked and transported for recycling.

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