Scrap Steel Machine Shear Steel Cutting Machine

Scrap Steel Machine Shear Steel Cutting Machine

Q43 series of hydraulic alligator shears are applied in recycling companies, automobile dismantling plants, smelting & casting industry to cold-shear section steel and metallic structural parts, to produce acceptable furnace charges


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Product Description

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The scope of application of crocodile scissors:

   The crocodile shearing machine is suitable for metal recycling processing plants, scrap car dismantling plants, smelting and casting industries. It is mainly used in the recycling and processing industry of waste materials. Small and medium-sized steel mills have various cross-sectional shapes such as round steel, square steel, channel steel, and angle steel. , I-beam, steel plate, steel pipe and other scrap metal cold shearing and cutting treatment.

   Applicable materials:
Metal, iron sheet, cast iron, thin iron, thin iron sheet, light and thin materials, steel, color steel tile, scrap steel, scrap iron, aluminum alloy, channel steel, angle steel, angle iron, copper plate, metal plate, aluminum profile, scrap steel, aluminum plate, Iron plate, steel plate, round steel, scrap metal.

 Working principle: The crocodile shear is composed of a shearing cylinder, a shearing knife, a sliding block pressing knife, a lower knife seat, a pressing cylinder, etc. When the shearing work is running, the hydraulic pump station (power output source) supplies the pressing cylinder Let the sliding block pressing knife push to the lower knife seat to complete the material fixing and pressing, and then the hydraulic pump station supplies oil to the shearing cylinder to make the shearing knife go down to complete the cutting step. After the shearing is completed, the hydraulic pump station completes the return movement driven by the hydraulic oil return to the shearing cylinder and the pressing cylinder successively.


   Channel steel shearing machine product introduction

 1. It adopts hydraulic drive, convenient operation and simple maintenance.

 2. Working blade length: 400mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 8 grades of shear force from 63 tons to 400 tons. Shearing machines with blades above 700mm are especially suitable for cutting scrapped cars.

 3. No foot screws are required for installation, and diesel engines can be used as power in places without power.


     Applicable introduction of Q43 series scrap metal shearing machine:

  1. This equipment is mainly used in the recycling and processing industry of waste materials. Small and medium-sized steel mills can cut various cross-sectional shapes such as round steel, square steel, channel steel, angle steel, I-beam, steel plate, steel pipe and other scrap metals in cold state.


     2. This equipment adopts hydraulic transmission. Compared with the mechanical transmission shearing machine, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, low inertia, low noise, smooth movement, safe operation and use, and easy to realize overload protection.


     3. This equipment has manual and automatic functions. The operation control is convenient and simple, and the scissors mouth can be cut and stopped at any position in the working process. And according to the size of the material to be cut, the size of the cutting opening can be arbitrarily controlled to achieve high work efficiency.


     4. This equipment has reasonable technical parameters, wide application range and low energy consumption. It is widely used in scrap metal recycling and processing industry and metal shearing in small and medium-sized steel mills to provide high-quality charge for furnace smelting.


technical parameter

Q43 crocodile hydraulic shear series model comparison table

Model Max. Cutting Force Blade Length Largest Blade Max. Cutting Size Shearing Frequency Motor
(ton) (mm) (mm) (mm) (times/min) (kW)
QE43-400 Pedal valve 40 500 200 25×25 φ28 8-12 5.5
Q43-630B 63 600 250 30×30 φ35 8-12 7.5
Q43-630C 800 320 8-12
QE43-800 Pedal valve 80 800 340 8-12
Q43-1000 100 600 220 35×35 φ40 8-12 11
Q43-1200A 120 600 270 40×40 φ45 8-12 15
Q43-1200B 800 340 8-12
Q43-1600A 160 700 310 45×45 φ50 6-10 18.5
Q43-1600B 800 320 6-10
Q43-2000A 200 800 390 55×55 φ63 6-10 22
Q43-2000B 1000 460 6-10
Q43-2500A 250 1000 460 63×63 φ70 6-8 2×15
Q43-2500B 1200 530 6-8
Q43-3150A 315 1000 460 70×70 φ80 6-8 2×18.5
Q43-3150B 1200 530 6-8
Q43-4000A 400 1200 670 80×80 φ90 5-8 2×22
Q43-4000B 1500 670 5-8
Q43-5000A 500 1600 700 90×90 φ100 4-8 2×30
Q43-5000B 1800 880 4-8

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